Directional Loudspeaker AHD-912X-1 and 912X-2

AHD-912Z-1,2,4 and AHD-912X-2 (“Acoustic Hailing Device“) high performance emitter / directional transducer modules have been developed for speech communication over long distances. This range of modular emitter/transducers enable coverage over distances of 1000 to 2500 meters of >80 dB at target distance (air attenuation at 1 KHz 50%, Humidity 20 deg.) . Coverage is determined by the choice of relevant hardware between 10 to 30 degrees. These passive Loudspeaker modules, utilising new patented tranducers and high performance emitters, require amplifier AP-900A. Using new patented transducers and high performance emitters, this sound system is designed for mobile operations even in the harshest weather conditions.


Model: Portable high performance loudspeaker
Freq. Range: ±10dB 400Hz bis 8 KHz
±3dB 500Hz bis 8 KHz
Coverage: nominal 35° x 35° (hor. x vert.)
Sound pressure level max: (1 m) 142 dB SPL @1 KHz
Sound pressure level peak: (1 m) 148 dB SPL
Surface Treatment: RAL 1031F
Enclosure type: AI / SS
Dimensions: (B x H x T) 250 x 550 x 230mm
Weight: 12,4 Kg
Temperature range: -30° C bis +50° C
(free of condensates)

Optional nach

DIN EN 60529/60849 (VDE 0828)
Britisch Standard 6840 optional