914Z-2 Powered Loudspeaker Module

The AHD-914Z-2 (Acoustic Hailing Device) Active High Output Emitter / Directional Loudspeaker Module designed for speech intelligibility over long distances. Using this module enables sound transmission over distances of 800 to 1400 metres >80dB at the target area. The dispersion characteristics are configurable between 12,5 deg up to 30 deg, depending on optional hardware selected. The system features internal integrated dsp controlled power amplifier modules as well as all control, level and safety functions including AP-LOCKTM.. The high performance emitters are designed for use for mobile applications under the the harshest weather conditions in military use. Applications for Marine and MIL- certification for this system are pending. The DC power supply can be set for between 9 to 30V


Model: Portable high performance loudspeaker
Freq. Range: ±3dB 500Hz bis 8 KHz
Power: 2x 80 Watt RMS
Max-Peak-Power: 148 dB SPL*
Inputs: 1
Power supply: DC 9-30 V
Surface treatment: Alu powder coated
Enclosure type: AI
Dimensions: (B x H x T) 237 x 525 x 270mm
Weight: 11 Kg
Temperature range: -20° C bis +70° C
(free of condensates)


DIN EN 60529/60849 (VDE 0828)
British Standard 6840 optional