Certifications Standards of our communications products

Accredited Test Procedures and Standards Applicable to Glock Audio Communication Products

PASS / Glock Audio sound systems have been developed to operate in extreme environments, often in life threatening situations, so they also need to be tested to perform reliably in these extreme conditions. The majority of our systems are tested to MIL-STD-810G parameters by an independent certified Testing Organisation for extreme resilience and reliability to EN/IEC 60529:2014 standards.

Systems are tested for:
• drop testing EN/IEC 60529:2014 to establish shatter resilience
• water and dust ingress EN/IEC 60529:2014 (Wind and Rain- extreme weather resistance)
• IP6X (dust) EN/IEC 60529:2014
• IP6X (water) EN/IEC 60529:2014
• IP5X (water) EN/IEC 60529:2014
• vibration testing EN/IEC 60529:2014 (shock and impact resistance)
• vibration testing (resonance) to EN60945
• extreme temperature resistance EN/IEC 60529:2014
• corrosion resistance to spray and damp from fresh and salt water EN/IEC 60529:2014
• EMC (Electro Magnetic Compatibility) test to CE standards

Throughout these test procedures systems are tested under the worst climatic conditions, as well as vibration, impact resistance and extreme dirt fouling. Our products are designed and developed with these tests in mind as far as is feasible to build maximum resilience into the design at every step in development. The results of these constant test values allow us to establish extreme limits and reliability indications at every step of development to enable us to better define achievable solutions for our clients across the many activity areas they serve. The EN/IEC 60529:2014 Test procedures and the relevant rating achieved for every model are to be found in the relevant product data specification sheet.