Education & Training

Technical-, Conflict management- and communication- training
Train for the emergency

In order to react effectively to events, emergencies and crises, regular training is indispensable. We’re here to support you throughout your deployment with comprehensive and personalised professional services, education and technical support to enable exceptional outcomes at every stage of your journey. In integrated fault, emergency and crisis management it is therefore important to let concepts and processes “live”. This affects both the mission forces as well as all other involved persons - from the staff of the command centre, to the front line crisis management team. It is only in the course of simulated exceptional circumstances, that it becomes clear to what extent institutions and individuals know how to deal routinely with the technology they are using and recognise potential weaknesses and limitations of their equipment and procedures, so that they actually become prepared to handle the emergency.

Our services:
e educate and train you and your employees in the basics of acoustics, the handling of our technology and practice with you both in (in-house) trainings as well as in practical training courses:
• Trainings and exercises for staff in preparedness and crisis management
• Technical Security Centre for training stand-by services and other persons involved in acoustic communication systems.
• Technical Support