VOCcom M-4D

VOCcom M-4D Ultra-Compact loudspeaker

Arrayable, ultra compact, high-performance loudspeaker, in IP67 it is suitable for deployment in harsh weather conditions and is resistant to seawater. The patented M4D achieves an output of 142 dB (148 dB when using 2 units) With a dispersion of 25 x 25 degrees, the system is ideal for far-reaching sound propagation. The AP-450MD amplifier with its extensive DSP functionality, ensures the seamless integration into the VOCCOM system. The VOCCOM system is deployable in a mobile command transmission scenario. When two systems are in use they can function bidirectionally.

VOCcom M-4D

Freq. Range: ±10 dB 300Hz to 8 KHz
±3 dB 500 Hz to 7KHz
Coverage: nominal 25° x 25 ° (hor. x vert.)
Sound pressure level max: (1 m) 142 dB SPL @ 1 kHz
Sound pressure level peak: (1 m) 146 dB SPL
Surface Treatment: Black or according to customer requirements
Enclosure type: AIuminium & Stainless Steel
Dimensions (W x H x D): 250 x 250 x 300 mm
Weightt: 5,4 kg
Temperature range: -30° C bis +60° C (non condensing)


DIN EN 60529/60849 (VDE 0828)
British Standard 6840